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TS Labs is passionate about helping people achieve a safe and enjoyable cannabis experience. How do we reach this goal? Step One: Gather the knowledge and expertise. Our team of scholars and experts collaborate together on original, advanced, high-tech methods to make sure each product is the cleanest it can be, and with the highest potency. Step Two: Utilize new advanced equipment to produce the quality product expected by TS Labs. Step Three: Quality control. Test each product for consistency in meeting our own high standards and those of the state of Colorado. No product leaves our facility unless these high standards have been met. Result: Goal Reached. A safe and enjoyable cannabis experience.


Our extraction team works with marijuana enthusiasts and the integrity of our biochemist. Our team crafts each extraction with the utmost respect and integrity for you and our planet. This is why you will never find chemicals or additives in any of our family of products. Using only naturally derived terpenes, our concentrates are independently tested for the highest purity level.

TS Labs Vapes


Convenient, user-friendly, and ideal for taking on the go, THC vape pens are a welcome addition to the newest advancements in tech-savvy cannabis consumption. At TS Labs, we firmly believe that there’s no reason to sacrifice quality in the name of convenience – which is why our THC vape pens are raising the bar in every way possible.

Our THC vape pen can be a useful addition to a cannabis-enhanced lifestyle for seasoned consumers and beginners alike. We carefully crafted our THC vape pens to deliver an impeccably smooth, fresh, and clean vaping experience, complementing a potent boost of premium cannabinoids and all-natural terpenes. It’s one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to experience a concentrated boost of THC, virtually anywhere and anytime.