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The Clear

At The Clear™, we pride ourselves on being one of the original cannabis brands and an industry leader. We were founded in 2013 by a team of scientists in California who brought molecular distillation to the legal cannabis market and in the process reinvented the cannabis industry.

Molecular distillation allowed us to produce cannabis oil that was clear, potent, smooth, and safe. In addition, starting with clean, tasteless, odorless distillate enables us to formulate a variety of cannabis products featuring truly unforgettable flavors produced from all-natural plant compounds.
Today, The Clear is headquartered in Denver, Colorado and licensed in several states and growing. Our brand is a symbol of innovation, integrity, science, consistency, effectiveness, and enjoyment supported by countless customers and many cannabis industry awards.
We believe everyone should experience cannabis in their own way and our growing portfolio of products allows you to choose the consumption format that’s right for you. You can trust that our proprietary manufacturing processes ensure quality and consistency across all our product lines, regardless of where the product was made and purchased.