The Kind Room Specials

Patient Benefits

The Kind Room 

Specials for Patients

*20% Off All Medical and Recreational Products

*Exclusive ounce pricing

*10% Military Discount

*10% Senior Discount (age 62 and above)

*Additional 10% Off On Your Birthday

*$5 Popcorn Grams

*20% Off Glass and Accessories

*Loyalty Program Available

Recreational Discounts

*10% Off On Your Birthday

*10% Military Discounts

*10% Senior Discount (age 62 and above)

*Discounted Ounce Specials (Call For Details)

*Loyalty Program Available

Everyday Deals

*2g’s for $30 Wax and Shatter*
(house concentrate only, multiple options available, 8 for $104/$13 a gram)

*Buy 2 get 1 on house pre rolls*

*Popcorn bud starting at $20 a 1/8th*

*Hrvst Special $351/8th $501/4oz$921/2oz$168oz Rotating Strains*

*Limited Ounce Special $1251oz $701/2oz$401/4oz$251/8th Select strain*

*Bulk Concentrate Special*

(Buy 8 grams of concentrate and save 15% /Buy 4 and save 10%, great brands like Lazercat, Olio, Kushmasters, Greendot, and others. Rosin, Live Extracts, Bubble Hash, Wax and Shatter available. Excludes vapes, pre-rolls, sale concentrate.)

February Specials

10% Off ALL Foria Products!
(Pleasure & Relief Available)

* 10% OFF Robhots Gummies *
(Reds, Tropicals, Berries, & Apple Pie available.)

* x4 for $20 Keef Cola 10mg Drinks *
(Available in Cola, Root Beer, Flo Energy, Purple Passion, & Blue Raz)

* 10% Off ALL Viola Concentrates *

***Strain of the Month – Denver Confidential!***
Spend $50 or more pre-tax, get a Denver Confidential 8th for $25.
LIMIT 1 per customer per day. *

*All sales while supplies last, subject to change, price does not include tax.