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Mary Jane's Medicinals

Mary Jane’s Medicinals

While working as a massage therapist in the small town of Telluride, our founder Dahlia Mertens, began infusing massage oil with cannabis in order to provide a more relaxing massage to her clients. 

To Dahlia’s surprise, not only did her clients experience added relaxation, but they also reported that their most troublesome aches and skin irritations were soothed, and their sense of well-being was boosted long after the massage.

Dahlia was VERY excited to discover that the cannabis massage oil she was producing had so many more health benefits than just relaxation. She began poring through the available research to find support and documentation for the results she was seeing, but there was almost no information out there on why it worked. Dahlia believed in the products, though, and knew that they had a great deal of potential to help a lot of people.

She engaged in available research, and began to do her own. Mixing up different formulations of small batches in her kitchen to see what worked best, she was able to develop her line of healing products. She hit the road, knocking on dispensary doors all over Colorado, spreading the word about the efficacy of cannabis topicals. Ten years later, Mary Jane’s Medicinals is an industry leader in topical healing products.

And over the past decade, scientific research has been catching up to what Dahlia was hearing anecdotally from her customers for years—that cannabis topicals can be a very effective way to address many health issues while being gentle on the body and without psychoactive effects.

Dahlia’s passion for holistic wellness is the same today as it was back in 2009. She started by making small batches in her kitchen and the products are still produced with care in small batches today.

Mary Jane's Medicinals