The Kind Room

The Kind Room –  Marijuana Pipes and Accessories

At The Kind Room we carry a variety of Marijuana Pipes, Paraphernalia and Apparel. Locally blown glass & imported available.

The Kind Room

The Kind Room carries a myriad of different products for all of your smoking needs! From glass bowls, to metal bats, even silicone pipes, we have what you’re looking for in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Additionally, we stock numerous marijuana accessories from grinders to lighter charms that’ll make all of your smoking experiences unique to you! Prefer to roll your own? We have your covered! The Kind Room proudly carries trusted brands like Raw, OCB, and Zig-Zag for all of your rolling requirements. Here at The Kind Room, we have a wide array of; Chillums – Spoons – Steam Rollers – Dugouts – Water Pipes – Oil Rigs – Nectar Collectors – Dab Straws – Pollen Sifters – Grinders – Dabbers – Silicone Pipes – Nails – Vaporizers – Rolling Trays – Wraps – Cones – Papers – Lighters – and MORE! Come peruse our fine selection, and make The Kind Room your favorite one-stop-shopping location!

We sell  marijuana apparel like The Kind Room T-Shirts, too!


The Kind Room Denver locally blown glass

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Kind Room Marijuana Pipes and Accessories