The Kind Room Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Denver

Welcome to The Kind Room Medical Marijuana Dispensary. Please call for daily availability 720-266-3136. We grow a variety of cannabis strains, always hand trimmed. We carry an assortment of licensed CO edible and concentrate manufacturers.


Big Band – (Bubblegum X Chronic) Fruity, sweet aroma that tastes the same. Euphoric, happy and creative. Not related to headband

[redacted]land – (GDP X Platinum Cookies) Very uplifting effects. Giggly and fun, but also good for pain relief and muscle tension. Earthy, herbal aromas. Very potent.

Chemdawg X Sour Diesel – Aroma of earthy pine and fuel. Very elevated and euphoric. Not ideal for those with anxiety, or paranoia.

Chocolope (Chocolate Thai X Cantaloupe Haze) Earthy, sweet coffee flavors that provide a dreamy, cerebral effect. Great for depression and stress.

Durban Poison (Landrace Sativa from South Africa) Very energetic and uplifting. Can help with creativity. Very strong effects, & sweet, earthy, piney flavors. Good for stress, depression, and pain.

Flo – (Purple Thai X Afghani) Light and energetic, happy and uplifting effects, while leaving the head clear and focused. Great for stress and pain. Sweet earthy flavor.

Golden Goat– (Hawaiian X Romulan X Island Sweet Skunk) Golden hues with a sweet aroma. Social and happy high. High THC/CBD content. Good for depression.

Grape Ultra – (Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze X Grape Krush) Grape and funk with an array of coloring. This intense cerebral high is far from functional. Good for stress.

Lambs Bread – (Landrace Sativa from Jamaica) Made popular by Bob Marley, & Known to give large amounts of energy while creating positive introspection. Great for stress.

Mother’s Finest – (Jack Herrer X Haze offshoot) Elements of musky, fruity skunk. Captures both the desirable sativa buzz and the resin-heavy traits from a Northern Lights ancestor.

Tangerine – (NYCD X G13 Haze) Fruity, Citrus flavor. Top choice for daytime enjoyment, as its effects stimulate the mind and allow functionality.

Trainwreck Aromas of lemon and spicy pine. Very euphoric, awakening, and happy! Good for migraines, pain, arthritis, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, and PTSD


Bruce Banner – (OG Kush X Strawberry Diesel) Sweet diesel aroma. Works to relieve stress, headaches, depression, and pain. Not ideal for those who have anxiety.

Bubblegum – A true 50/50 hybrid with superb uplifting mood effects. With a High-THC content and large bud structure, it’s an excellent starter strain.

Charlie Sheen OG – (OG Kush X Green Crack X Blue Dream) Pungent aroma similar to sliced pineapples. Speedy sativa high that slowly yields to a sedative body high.

Death Star (Sensi Star X Sour Diesel) Indica-dominant, but has both sativa and indica effects. Effects create a very relaxed, stoned feeling. Good for stress, pain, and insomnia.

OG Kush (Chemdawg X Unknown landrace) The backbone of west coast genetics; this high-potency earthy flavored hybrid leaves the user relaxed and happy.

Pineapple Express (Trainwreck X Hawaiian) Fresh, fruity aroma and flavor. Happy, uplifted, and energetic long-lasting high. With this in mind this strain is also good for stress & depression.

Silver Pearl – (Early Pearl X Skunk X Northern Lights #5) Sativa-dominant hybrid. Musty taste and smell. Potent, yet smooth and relaxing. An excellent “after work special”.


Afghani – (Landrace Indica from Afghanistan) Heavily sedative, with a sweet, earthy aroma. Good for insomnia, pain, and stress.

Blackberry (Black Domina X Raspberry Cough) Sweet and pungent smell. Fruity taste. Good for stress, anxiety, and pain relief.

Blueberry Our take on a classic. An outstanding Blueberry taste, & functional body buzz. Great for relaxation and stress.

Bubba Kush – Relaxing Indica, good for stress and great for pain. Sedative, but not excessively so. Sweet hashish flavor with a pungent, earthy smell.

Bubba Kush 98 Great for pain. Scents of coffee with earthy taste. Great for Pain without being incapacitating.

Commerce City Kush (CHEM4 X RD#1) Powerful fuel-y, chem taste with an intense high. A great smoke for the early evening. Good for AIDS, cancer, MS, and epilepsy.

Cornbread – (Katsu Bubba Kush X Rare Dankness) Strong, high-THC, body-centric Indica. It’s a gifted pain-killer with daytime potential upside. Only found at The Kind Room Medical Marijuana Dispensary

DJ Blueberry – A DJ Short Masterpiece. Relaxed, euphoric, sedative high. Good for stress, pain, and depression. Fruity flavorings.

King Louis OG An OG phenotype, with intense flavor to match. As a result, this is great for depression, pain, and insomnia relief.

Mazar – (Mazar I Sharif. Landrace Indica from Afghanistan) Relaxes both mind and body. Perfect for insomnia. Skunky, citrus flavorings.

Star Killer – (Skywalker X Rare Dankness) For those who want the heavy body high with a powerful head-centric stony feeling. Therefore, this strains propose is for curing for migraines.

Sweet Tooth (Blend of 3 Indica Landrace strains from Afghanistan, Nepal & Hawaii) Pleasing fruity aroma and taste, with a strong stony/sedative high.

Tahoe OG – An Indica dominant phenotype of OG Kush. Makes for a heavy Indica high, with a sativa kick. Great for pain, or lack of appetite.


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