Denver Dispensary

Belief In a wide variety of Infused edibles

We carry one of the largest selections of Infused Edibles in Denver

Infused Edibles


We keep price in mind and offer gummies from $15 to $45. Offering the variety that you need to get you through your day.

Infused Edibles


We carry a wide variety of chocolate edibles from Blue Kudu, Cheeba Chews, Incredibles, Dixie , and much more!

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Drinks and sodas available in 10 mg to 100 mg THC

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Baked Goods

Loves Oven and Dutch Girl are some of the brands of baked goods we carry.

Wana, Highly Edible, Incredibles, CODA, Canyon Cultivation, and more!

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High flavor low cost

Canyon Cultivation Produces some of the best “Micro-Dosed” Gummies. Available in 2.5 mg per piece, in Indica or Sativa.

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Marijuana Drinks

Marijuana Drinks Are Now Here!

From Keef Cola to Dixie Elixers and CannaPunch, We carry all your infused drinks for your summertime enjoyment!

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