Best Edibles in Denver, CO

If you’re looking for a discreet and delicious method for consuming cannabis, look no further than edibles. Edibles have come a long way from the pot brownies of decades past. Today, it’s possible to consume marijuana in the exact dosage you want, using the precise method you choose. Within the wide world of edibles, there are three main types of ingestion methods and hundreds of products within those systems. At The Kind Room, we have cultivated a varied selection of licensed edible products that have earned our utmost support and confidence. Read on to find out more about the edibles we offer, and how to choose which tasty treat is best for you.

Are There Different Types of Edibles?

There are three main types of edibles and many varieties that fall within each category.

  • Sublingual – Sublingual literally means under the tongue, and the description applies to edibles like hard candies, lozenges and tinctures. The best method for ingestion is to allow them to be absorbed through the mouth by sucking on them as you would a hard candy. Furthermore, sublinguals generally affect consumers faster than traditional edibles, and may wear off quicker as well.
  • Gastrointestinal – Edibles that fall under the gastrointestinal category are ingested by eating. Cookies, brownies, snacks and other baked goods are all absorbed through the consumer’s stomach. They can take up to two hours to take effect, but give long lasting results (sometimes 6-8 hours).
  • Fusions – Fusions, like drinks and chocolates, are meant to enter the bloodstream both through the mouth and the stomach, giving users a faster onset than edibles that are eaten. Also, they have longer lasting effects than those that are taken sublingually.

What Edible Dosage Should I Take?

Since the legalization of marijuana, the consistency and dosing capabilities of edibles have come a long way. All edibles are marked with the milligrams of THC they include so that users know exactly how much they are taking for their edible dosage. For first time users, start small! 5-10mg should suffice, with increasing dosage amounts as needed. Edibles also can come with specific CBD, THC and other cannabinoid ratios, which allows consumers to decide the level they want of each. This is particularly helpful for those patients needing the benefits of CBD, but want little to no THC included.

Are There Strain Specific Edibles?

Edibles are now produced with strain specific varieties so that the user can create the exact effect they want, just as they can with cannabis flower. The Kind Room carries edibles made from sativas, indicas and hybrids, and our Budtenders can
help choose one that can provide the exact desired result.

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The Kind Room is proud to carry a huge selection of licensed and high-quality Colorado edibles. Our knowledgeable and approachable Budtenders help to create a relaxed, safe and comfortable atmosphere. This lets customers shop in a no pressure environment where they can take their time. Our dispensary on The Green Mile is open every day. Contact us today to learn more about the best medical and recreational edibles in Denver, CO.

Who We Carry


Natural botanical ingredients and the dedication of the finest chocolatiers bring you three exquisite chocolate gems born of scientific precision, and a love for nature. GO for body energy, PAUSE for meditation and calm, MIDNIGHT to aid in deep, restful sleep, and HIGH LOVE for sensuality.

Altus Labs

Swallowable pills that are formulated to deliver a consistent, precise dosage. Altus delivers a reliable product. Additionally, they’re available with sativa/indica dominant strains, or CBD. A micro-dose is a controlled and lower dose for a first time user, or a predictable dose for a more experienced user. By providing a lower dose per pill, you are able to discover your optimal therapeutic dosage. Also a great vegan option.


Cannamerica does a whole plant extraction, which means that every bit of the plants we grow goes into our oil for your gummies, including the buds of the flower!


Binske selects optimal ingredients for their luxurious products. They embrace a true hands-on, homegrown culture, whilst sourcing the best raw ingredients from around the world. Offering gummies and other edibles.

Blue Kudu

Blue Kudu believes in the experience of cannabis. With an emphasis on consistency, they ensure the same ride every single time. Offers a variety of THC and CBD chocolates.


CannaPunch has been made in colorful Colorado since 2009. From the beginning, their mission has been to create the best cannabis-infused edibles on the market. CannaPunch is a great tasting cannabis concentrate infused drink in a variety of flavors for your medical or recreational needs.



Cheeba Chews

Winner of multiple awards Cheeba Chew is a known name in the cannabis industry. Offering gluten-free, and peanut free cannabis infused chocolate taffy and fruit taffy. Available in Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, CBD/THC Combo, and Pure CBD varieties.




Coda Signature creates cannabis chocolates full of inspiration and imagination. Each piece of chocolate tells a story through exciting colors and bold flavors that harmonize seamlessly with impeccable craftsmanship and quality ingredients. Offers handcrafted chocolates, truffles, and gummies.




A product of Cheeba Chew Brands and Developed in Boulder, Colorado. 2012 Cannabis cup winner, specializes in cannabis-infused mint chocolate available in indica, sativa and hybrid. In individually wrapped packaging.




CO2 extracted, cannabis infused mints, drinks, chocolate, gummies, and tinctures. Est. 2010. CBD and THC products available.

Dutch Girl

A CannaPunch product. Dutch Girl edibles is a producer of delicious cannabis infused snacks. Products include caramel, chocolate, and strawberry stroop waffles.



Green Hornet

A product of Cheeba Chew. A tasteful blend of mixed fruit gummy available in either sativa or indica THC. Each batch of high grade cannabis oil used to make Cheeba Chews is tested at three critical stage. The Flower, The Oil, The Edible, to ensure each individual chew is consistently infused.



Featuring a full line of THC-infused terpene rich artisanal edibles, the incredibles brand continues to lead the industry in innovative edibles, chocolates, Vape Pens, concentrates and Gummy bites with more product lines in development. The incredibles brand promise is that every product undergoes rigorous testing ensuring consistency in potency and in delivering the highest levels of food production safety.

Canyon Cultivation

Their lines of boutique products are completely free of synthetic ingredients or petroleum distillates, such as butane or propane. Gluten-free, Vegan, Non-GMO, and CO2 extracted. Products include THC/CBD infused hard candies, suckers, and micro dosed gummies.

Keef Cola

Founded in Boulder, CO, the company has been at the forefront of innovation around social cannabis product development since 2010. 2015 Cannabis Cup Winner for Best Edible (Bubba Kush RootBeer), Keef Cola specializes in cannabis infused drinks complete with a dose of Vitamin C & B 3-6-12.

MarQahaMarQaha is Arabic for bliss. Each product MarQaha designs requires much more than cannabis to create something extraordinary. It’s the union of all ingredients such as the coffee beans, chamomile tea and blueberries that brings harmony within the blend. Products include THC and CBD tinctures and drinks.

Mary’s Medicinal

Inspired by her apothecary forefathers and generations of healers who found medicinal solutions in nature, Mary brings a turn of the century elegance to the modern-day resurgence of natural therapies. Mary’s Medicinal offers THC, CBD, CBN and CBG products, including tablets and whey protein.

Stillwater Brands

Stillwater Brands is committed to matching every consumer with the dose that’s best for them, without judgment or hassle. Fat-free, calorie-free, sugar-free, and delicious. It’s the best in cannabis, helping to bring out the best in you. Offers multiple varieties of Ripple and Gummies.


Est. 2010, gluten-free, and vegetarian with some vegan options. Moreover, Wana specializes in cannabis infused gummies, chocolates, caramels and candies.