December Deals and Discounts


-x2 Dixie Chocolates for $30

-25% OFF ALL Mary’s Medicinals Products

-15% OFF Willie’s Reserve PreRoll Tins & TopShelf Flower 8th’s


***The Clear Friday Happy Hour***
25% Off ALL The Clear Vape Procuts, Fridays 3:00PM -5:00PM

Loyalty Program Available


Small Batch Cannabis

All hand-trimmed, and organic. No non-organic pesticides or nutrients are used at any time, to guarantee the best buzz money can buy.

Assorted Baked Goods

The largest assortment of edibles in Denver. Daily edible discounts available.

Exclusive Extracts

We have one of the best live resin and live rosin selections available. Lazercat, Viola, Natty Rems and Green Dot are some of the fine brands we carry.

Online Ordering

Order online through Leafly and get access to our entire Marijuana, Edible, Topical, and Concentrate selection at your pleasure.

Daily Deals and Specials

Interested in our daily deals and discounts? If so, please come in and we will gladly help you make the right selection to best fit your needs.

$125 Limited Ounce Special

Fill Up!

Every Day Deals

deals and discounts

Best 5 bud rated dispensary in Denver!

deals and discounts

Current Specials

10% oFf Robhots

Buy 2 get the 3rd for a penny!

Original house


deals and specials


Most Popular discount Items

House Popcorn Buds Specials

Our house popcorn nugs go for $25 plus tax everyday. Available in Sativa, Hybrid and Indica .


10% off 4 grams of House Wax and/or Shatter

15% off 8 grams of House Wax and/or Shatter.

Edible discounts

$15 Incredible Gummies

10% off Robhots Gummies

10% off Love’s Oven Baked Goods

edible discounts
deals and discounts
edible discounts

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