best dispensary in denver

Best Marijuana Concentrates in Denver, CO

Marijuana Concentrates at the best Dispensary in Denver! Please call for daily availability 720-266-3136. We sell a variety of Marijuana Extracts and Concentrates; wax, shatter, Live Resin, Rosin and diamonds. We also carry an assortment of hash that can be used with your flower.

Marijuana Concentrates


Pharmaceutical-grade cannabis extracts that are rich in flavorful terpenes and pure cannabinoids – using safe, CO2 technology. Cannabis products for all lifestyles. From smokables like oils, wax and distillate. Cartridges, disposable vaporizers, and distillate available.

Marijuana Extracts


AiroPro is dedicated to perfecting the union between technology and personal vaporizers. We strive to create the ideal vaping experience. Specialize in proprietary vaporization system.

Kaviar joints


Kaviar Has Developed an Amazing Line-up of Artisan, Made From Scratch Marijuana Extracts, Concentrates and Infused Cones. All Plants and Their Flowers are Naturally Grown, Imbued With the Highest Concentrated Oil the Industry has to Offer.


Kush Masters

Specializing In Affordable High Quality Co2 Extracts. Kush Masters Offers Live Resin, Shatter, and Wax. With a Focus on Terpenes You Can Expect Great Taste On All Their Products.



The Lab

The Lab specializes in light Hydrocarbon Extraction Producing Cannabis Concentrates and Oils Including Live Resin Batter and Sugar, Shatter, and Budder. Terpene Retention is of Utmost Importance During the Process in Order to Retain the Plant’s Original Flavor Profile. Pax Era Pods Available in Live Resin, Distillate, and Budder.


best dispensary in denver

Olio Concentrates

Olio is focused on Terpene preservation and unique flavor profiles. Furthermore, their growers and genetic library are one of the finest in the state. Employing both Butane and solvent-less extraction methods to harvest every Trichome, their mission is to provide delicious, beautiful, clean and potent Marijuana Extracts and Concentrates. The best extracts for even better customers, carried at the best Dispensary in Denver.


Marijuana Extracts


One of Colorado’s oldest and most trusted brands. They offer vaporization products, best known for their vape pen cartridges, Reserve and Craft Reserve. Available Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. CO2 extracted and strain specific.



Viola Extracts

Viola provides the purest marijuana concentrates, offering the best patient experience. Also, they aim to improve quality of life with the cleanest and most consistent products in the industry. Keeping the final product in mind, they are involved in all aspects of production. From clone to extraction, they believe superior harvests stem from their superior processes.

best dispensary in denver

best dispensary in denver