Marijuana Concentrates in Denver, CO

Please call for daily availability 720-266-3136. We grow a variety of cannabis strains, always hand trimmed. We carry an assortment of licensed CO concentrate manufactures.


C02 Extracted High-Potency Cannabis Products. With an emphasis on leveraging cutting edge scientific processes into novel products Bakked offers cutting edge products at an affordable price. Distillate and other products available.

Purveyor of Colorado’s finest, most pleasurable cannabis and extracts. Expert cultivation with holistic care and dedication through the entire grow cycle, from seed to sale. All natural, and completely exceptional. Live resin and Terp Sauce Available.

Home of the Colorado Cannabis Tears and Colorado Cannabis Oil Syringes (aka Phoenix Tears, Rick Simpson Oil or RSO). Extract their Colorado Cannabis Oil using a full plant extraction with food grade ethanol alcohol method to bring you the finest quality of Colorado Cannabis Oil available

Craft was founded with the goal of producing the highest quality concentrates in the industry. Specializing in hydrocarbon extracts (butane and propane) Wax, Shatter. Budder, Activated Oil. Offers strain specific products.

Providing the Most Pure, Highest Quality Concentrates Through Superior Processing and Testing Standards. All while Empowering Consumers With Knowledge of the Significant Medicinal Benefits of Cannabis Extracts. Specializing in High Quality Sugar Wax, Live Resin, and Moon Rocks.

Uses a cannabis distillation process that turns the raw material–a marijuana plant–into a purified oil, allowing each individual cannabinoid in the plant to be separated out. Cannabinoids are the compounds in cannabis that Ebbu uses to create a more predictable psychoactive effect.

Pharmaceutical-grade cannabis extracts that are rich in flavorful terpenes and pure cannabinoids – using safe, CO2 technology. Cannabis products for all lifestyles. From smokables like oils, wax and distillate. Cartridges, disposable vaporizers, and distillate available.

IndigoPro is dedicated to perfecting the union between technology and personal vaporizers. We strive to create the ideal vaping experience. Specialize in proprietary vaporization system.

Developed Their Very Own Vape Pen and Chemical-Free CO2 Cannabis Oil to Give You the Cleanest, Healthiest Vaping Experience You Could Ask For. Available Strain Specific Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. Now Offering Rick Simpson/Phoenix Tears. Co2 Oil, Disposable Vaporizers, and Cartridges Available

Kaviar Has Developed an Amazing Line-up of Artisan, Made From Scratch Concentrates and Infused Cones. All Plants and Their Flowers are Naturally Grown, Imbued With the Highest Concentrated Oil the Industry has to Offer.

Specializing In Affordable High Quality Co2 Extracts. Kush Masters Offers Live Resin, Shatter, and Wax. With a Focus on Terpenes You Can Expect Great Taste On All Their Products

The Lab Specializes in light Hydrocarbon Extraction Producing Cannabis Concentrates and Oils Including Live Resin Batter and Sugar, Shatter, and Budder. Terpene Retention is of Utmost Importance During the Process in Order to Retain the Plant’s Original Flavor Profile. Pax Era Pods Available in Live Resin, Distillate, and Budder.

Originating Out of Oregon. Madrone Offers Products That Come From 100% Natural Cannabis Grown by Them. Offers Strain Specific Premium Extracts Including Live Resin, Shatter, Terp Sauce, and HCFSE.

Olio is Focused on Terpene Preservation and Unique Flavor Profiles in Their Concentrates. Their Growers and Genetic Library are One of the Finest in the State. Employing Both Butane and Solvent-less Extraction Methods to Harvest Every Wonderful Trichome. Their Mission is to Provide Delicious, Beautiful, Clean and Potent Concentrate

Offer vaporization products, best known for vape pen cartridges. Including Their Original O.pen, Craft Reserve, and ISH. Available Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. CO2 extracted and Strain Specific.

Organa Labs extracts oil organically using a supercritical CO2 extractor. All of our products are tested by an independent lab in Denver, Colorado to determine appropriate and consistent amounts of THC and cannabinoids. Oil refill Kits available

Pure Vibe is a completely unique cannabinoid distillate vaping system. With irresistible flavors and an unbeatable pull and draw, Pure Vibe equals pure satisfaction.

TR Concentrates specializes in high quality cannabis concentrates available for the recreational & medicinal markets. Offers Live Resin, Wax, and Shatter.

Specializing in Solvent-less Concentrate. Silver Peak Uses Heat, Pressure, and Other Alternative Extraction Methods to Extract the Cannabis Kief or Hash. Offers Rosin, Bubble Hash, Full Melt Hash, and Now Pax Era Pods

Viola Provides the Purest Extracts, Offering the Best Patient Experience. They Aim to Improve Quality of Life with the Cleanest and Most Consistent Products in the Industry. Keeping the Finale Product in Mind, they are Involved in All Aspects of Production. From Clone to Extraction, they Believe Superior Harvests Stem from Their Superior Processes.

Waui Stick is a Discrete Terpene Rich Disposable Vaporizer Made by Edipure. Availbe in Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, and CBD variety’s