Cannabis Dispensary Stores in Denver

The Kind Room is Denver’s finest cannabis dispensary. We are located on Broadway and our beautifully decorated storefront is easy to notice. In Broadsterdam, we were the first to open our very own local cannabis shop. Our marijuana store is open 7 days a week for your convenience. You can always count on us for all your medical and recreational marijuana needs. Stop in for a quick chat or to purchase our exceptional selection of high-quality cannabis product and accessories. Just make sure to be 21+ years of age or you have a prescription from a medical practitioner when you come in to purchase.

We are Fully Legal and Licensed Marijuana Providers

Ever since our inception in 2007, we have been dedicated to offering medical-grade cannabis products to licensed patients. We are among the leading cannabis dispensaries that are fully compliant with the Amendment 20, as well as, HB 1284 rules. Our compliance to the laws and rules of Denver state ensures your safety when you are purchasing marijuana from us.

Our Marijuana Flowers and Edibles Give the Perfect High

Irrespective of why the doctor has prescribed cannabis for you, we have the best quality cannabis at our cannabis dispensary in Denver. If you are a recreational weed smoker, you will greatly appreciate our collection. We have a broad selection of flower including sativa, indica and hybrid strains. For those who do not inhale or smoke weed, we have super tasty edibles that you can purchase to fulfill your weed requirement or craving.

Need Something Stronger? We Have THC Concentrates!

Marijuana concentrate is a highly potent form of THC that resembles butter or honey. We offer wax, tinctures and many other forms of THC concentrates to satisfy your needs. Our selection includes THC concentrates from Bakked, Craft and so on.

Get Cannabis Accessories at Our Store

The Kind Room is a top of the line cannabis dispensary store in Denver, where you will find all the cannabis accessory that you need to smoke and inhale medical-grade marijuana. You will find chillums, dugouts, steam rollers, spoons, nectar collectors, oil rigs, water pipes, pollen sifters, vaporizers, dabbers, grinders, nail and other such accessories. With our sturdy, affordable weed accessories, you can make your marijuana smoking or inhaling experience hassle-free and convenient.

We Enable Online Ordering Facility

You can go through our expansive collection of premium quality weed and marijuana accessories and pre-order what you need online. Simply come by our cannabis dispensary and pick up your order without having to wait. Our personnel will have your order ready when you come by so that you do not have to stand in long queue. However, make sure to bring an identification document proving that you are above 21 years of age.

At The Kind Room, we offer individualized services to each one of our customers. We make sure that everyone who walks through the doors of our cannabis dispensary in Denver, is made to feel special. So, come see us on South Broadway in Denver and become a part of our family!