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Sativa, Hybrid and Indica, we have it all. If you’re looking for the best Denver dispensary, definitely come swing by and see all the marijuana products we have to offer. We’re open daily to service all your marijuana needs.

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Sativa marijuana usually has uplifting, cerebral, and energetic effects. Though as research evolves, it’s become clear that cannabis effects are more complex than sativa vs. indica, with the former offering a more energizing experience and the latter providing more relaxation. Cannabis sativa cultivars feature long, thin fan leaves and tend to have long flowering times. The slender sativa leaf can have as many as 13 fingers.

best weed in denver


A cannabis plant that’s bred to inherit the most favorable characteristics from its two parent plants.

She was looking for a variety that would flower quickly like an Indica but grow tall like a Sativa, so the breeder recommended she grow hybrid weed.

Blue Dream, a cross between the Blueberry and Haze strains, was his favorite for a good hybrid weed high.

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Indica is a term often used to describe cannabis strains and products with sedating, relaxing, and strong physical effects. In botanical terms, indica cannabis plants are typically short in stature with broad leaves and shorter growing cycles than their sativa counterparts. Indica strains are well-suited for growth in cooler climates due to their shorter flowering periods.

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We have one of the largest selections of edibles and some of the best weed in Denver. Come check out our entire selection including marijuana topicals, THC vape pens, infused flower, and more!

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Best weed in denver


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Here at The Kind Room, we’re considered by our clientele to be Denver’s best marijuana dispensary.  We pride ourselves in providing the knowledge you need to select the best products for you. Regardless of why you’re seeking relief, we have the best quality products at our cannabis dispensary in Denver. Moreover, if you are a recreational weed smoker, you will greatly appreciate our selection. We have a broad array of flower including sativa, indica and hybrid strains. Additionally, for those who don’t smoke weed, we have several excellent edible brands that you can buy to fulfill your marijuana needs. Always working hard to try and provide the best weed in Denver for our customers.

“The Kind Room, always working hard to provide the best weed in Denver!”