Black Friday Specials


All Deals Available 11/25/16 Only, While Supplies Last, Some Restrictions May Apply.



-Craft Concentrates Wax for $20 a Gram/ Shatter for $25 a Gram


-Dixie Elixirs 30% OFF


-Leaf’s By Snoop Edibles 30% OFF


-Hot Drink mixes 2 for 1


-Rosin ½ Grams @ $20


-Select Top-Shelf Strains 1/8th for $25-1/4oz for $45-1/2oz for $80-1oz for $150

* Sweet Tooth

*Master Kush

*Tahoe OG

*Corn Bread

*Charlie Sheen OG

*Heavenly Valley



-TR Scientific Wax $20 a Gram/ Shatter $25 a Gram/ Resin $30 a Gram

-200mg Canna Chews $10

-160mg Canna Elixirs $8

-Top Shelf Mix and Match Ounces $190

-Dabba Chocolate and Cheeba Chews 30% Off

-Bubble Hash 2 Grams for $30

-Canyon Cultivation 100mg Capsules 40% OFF


Enjoy your thanksgiving!

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